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What we do?

Edvise ME is a leading development consulting company offering advisory and technical services to organizations working to reform education and empower youth. Our driving force lies in our passion and commitment to serve young people, regionally and globally, by lending assistance to development organizations and supporting them in achieving their goals. We support core functions at entities that offer education, youth and workforce development services to help them become more strategic, competitive, able to plan and implement their respective initiatives.





Who we are ?

Edvise ME is founded by two professionals with a combined experience of over 20 years in the design and management of complex multi-million-dollar development education and youth projects while working with government counterparts, the private sector and civil society. We are the alternative to hiring or establishing specialized teams for higher level functions at the organization where we plug into the existing structure, work closely wit the client, build its employee's capacity and improve its procedures and processes while completing the assignment.

What we stand for


creating learning organizations


commitment to excellence


building partnerships


accountability and dedication



Edvise ME provides targeted and tailored demand driven services by responding to its clients' organizational and internal needs through short and longer-term assistance in key areas

Technical Assistance

1- Developing and revising strategies to emphasize purpose and values

2- Establishing business development functions


3- Mapping of players and opportunities to enable better decision-making


4- Facilitating partnerships, formulating fundraising strategies and promoting sustainable practices

Monitoring and Evaluation

1- Conducting situational assessments to inform planning decisions

2- Administering evaluations on relevance, effectiveness & efficiency of programs

3- Assisting in the development of organizational M&E function, framework and processes


4- Providing reliable evidence-based insight and recommendations

Edvise ME Partners

Haya is the co-founder of Edvise ME, a 100% women owned and run education consulting company based in Jordan.


Haya spent over 15 years in the field of development working with NGOs and the private sector. She joined USAID in 2008 and managed a large portfolio of projects in education and youth development.


Haya found that there was a need to invest in building the capacity of organizations that promote education and youth issues.


Many organizations receive training interventions, however, Edvise ME’s approach is tailored to each organization ensuring that they are strategic, mission driven and able to make decisions based on data and evidence.


Haya hopes that this focus on quality will enable those organizations to be more effective and able to create real change, because education is one of the most important investments we can make to guarantee a better future.


Haya earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Law from University of Bristol, UK  and went on to complete her Post Graduate Degree in Comparative Law at the Université Panthéon-Assas Paris II. She is a Board member of the American Community School.

Nour is an Education Specialist who started her career at the Ministry of Education in Jordan contributing to the coordination and management of the biggest education reform program in Jordan.


She then went on to work at USAID/Jordan where she advised management on education and youth policy issues, worked closely with local and international implementing partners as well as Government of Jordan counterparts and managed several multi-million-dollar education programs.


Nour, as the co-founder and partner of Edvise ME, has for the past four years worked on a variety of assignments with a diverse group of clients including local and international organizations, government and non-government institutions, profit and non-for-profit entities.


Nour is specialized and has primarily been leading on Edvise ME’s work focused on education strategy and policy development and reform, monitoring and evaluation and effective program design.


Nour was appointed by a Royal Decree to serve on the Board of Trustees of the Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) from 2016 till 2019. Nour earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Maryland and went on to complete her Master of Education in International Education Policy from Harvard University in 2005.


What people say about Edvise ME

" Try Edvise ME if you are looking for innovative ideas or roads not yet travelled to re-engineer Jordan’s education"

Mr. Claude Akpabie, Team Leader, UNESCO Office in Amman

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